Canon EOS M Test – Solvang, California

Canon EOS M Test – Solvang, California

Recently we purchased an EOS M for its compact portable size and APS-C sensor. This camera is great for stills but we wanted to test it out and see how it compared to our GH2 and 7D for video.

A few days after buying the camera we visited the town of Solvang to see a play at the Solvang Festival Theater. Since this was more of a personal outing then shooting day trip it was the perfect chance to bring and test out the little EOS M.

Everything you see here was shot pretty quickly while walking around the town in the hour or so before the play. This footage has been color graded to enhance the mood of the piece a bit, however if enough people are interested in seeing un-graded footage from the camera we can post an un-graded version. Let us know in the comments!

Overall the footage from the EOS M is pretty impressive for such a small camera. You’ll notice a bit of moire patterning on the windmill sign, and some banding/compression artifacts in the sky from the in camera compression. The compression artifacts in the sky aren’t very noticeable in the native footage but start to show up once you apply color grading.

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